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Stress Management for Career Success

July 13, 2022 admin 0 Comments

Stress Management for Career Success

Every employee expects to climb their career ladder within a reasonable period because that gives the feeling of their career success. Some employees face some issues regarding their career success because they are not in a position to perform their duties and responsibilities as expected by their superiors. Employee work stress is one of the main reasons for this career stagnation. 60%-70% of employees in Sri Lanka face stress related issues. This situation has become a barrier not only for organizations to achieve its goals and objectives but also individual employees have career progress issues. This programme will help them to overcome their career stagnation related stress issues and uplift their career to align with the objectives and expectations, and facilitate organizations to understand and develop a mechanism to assure a healthy workforce.


  • What is stress and its effect on a person
  • Reasons for stress
  • Organizational actions to manage employee stress
  • Techniques that individual can follow to manage stress
  • Development of an action plan with milestones

Don’t Miss the date – August 04th, 2022 from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Online Via Zoom Conducted in English / Sinhala Languages

Register Here: https://forms.gle/vby8NTqj1GAUnxJr9
Contact us on WhatsApp or call for more info- 076 325 6052 (Vidusha)
Email: vidusha@getapl.lk

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